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FRESH is the new IT framework encompassing Projects & Systems of Finance and RISK functions, with a strong focus on efficiency, proximity, agility and time-to-market. FRESH is a new worldwide organizational model that will contribute to tackle major challenges of the Group’s transformation of today and tomorrow, building the best offering to the Finance and Risk Community through a progressive rotation to new technologies and best practices. FRESH organization is the outcome of several convergences: between the Project & Systems teams of Group Finance, CIB Finance and RISK and their related IT teams. FRESH is part of the ITG organization (ITG in Europe and ITO overseas) with a threefold sponsorship by ITG, Finance and RISK (CIB-ITO; RISK Solutions and ITG-FIT).

Hubs team gathers partners within the Hubs to steer FRESH teams within platforms and facilitate their interactions with the onshore.

The Oxygen Transformation Office Plays a Facilitator Role Between
  • FRESH transformation central team;
  • FRESH onshore and nearshore teams;
  • Finance, Risk and other key stakeholders;
  • ITG partners.

It Also Aims To
  • Deliver transformation processes for FRESH
  • Define and follow up indicators for FRESH transformation activities within the platforms and contribute to FRESH nearshoring and offshoring strategy;
  • Assist Head of Fresh Oxygen Transformation office to follow up progress on approved local and strategic FRESH projects in the platforms;
  • Drive collaboration and initiatives across the platforms, in line with 2022-2025 master plan

Mission and Objectives
  • Actively participate to the transformation, forming part of the strategy and 4 year roadmap for the Fresh oxygen platform
  • Propose solutions to develop efficiency targets and an approach to rationalize the dual platform
  • Perform process improvements, using agile methodology and collaborative initiatives in line with the Fresh mindset
  • Build up of business cases, monitor the budget , draft risk assessment and SLA
  • Engage regularly with onshore stakeholders to understand their needs and to share and promote transformation objectives
  • Identify opportunities to both further develop the platform, and leverage the offshore hub
  • Set up a high communication plan level with Customers and teams
  • Be aligned with the BNP Values : Agility, Compliance Culture, Openness, Client Satisfaction

Main responsibilities

The FRESH Oxygen Transformation officer has a hierarchical link with the Head of Oxygen Transformation office

Foster and deliver the transformation in the Oxygen Hub on all operational topics in close coordination with global Fresh transformation teams and Hub/Territory support functions (Finance, IT, Facility Management, Human Resources…

Detailed Responsibilities
  • Participate to the delivery of Fresh TOM
  • . The role is performed by:
    • Being part of the pool of contacts in Lisbon/Madrid with transformation community
    • Working closely with Oxygen organization in order to ensure the set-up for new activities is compliant in terms of IT, Facility Management, Finance, OPC/BCP, Human Resource…
    • Developing expertise in nearshoring methodology and providing support to initiatives in their assessment phase or in implementation phase
    • Setting up and animating of nearshoring governance bodies
    • Raising alerts to Head of Fresh Oxygen Transformation office
    • Relay COO Fresh central approach on transversal topics
  • Contributor in the management of stakeholder relationships:
    • By maintaining regular communications with Transformation stakeholders
    • By informing regularly his management and providing regular activity reports


Training and occupational experience
  • Bachelor’s degree in IT/Computer Engineering, Finance or Management
  • 5+ years of experience in the banking industry / advisory
  • Experience as a Project Manager
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, PowerPoint, Word) and Sharepoint
  • Fluent in English mandatory
  • Knowledge of Portuguese and Spanish is a plus

Essential Specific Requirements
  • Integrity
  • Accuracy
  • Ability to learn (curiosity)
  • Attention to details
  • Communicating clearly
  • Client focus
  • Adaptability
  • Multidisciplinary to coordinate workgroups involving businesses and diverse support functions
  • Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to communicate and consult at all levels
  • Committed to confidentiality, integrity and objectivity

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