Posición: Mid-Senior level

Tipo de empleo: Full-time

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Accenture is a top company in IT and is looking for the best DevOps Platform Engineer.

A DevOps Platform Engineer is responsible for the definition and implementation of cutting-edge containerized, cloud-native platforms, such as Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift, Rancher, including open source distributions, enterprise distributions and managed services by cloud providers, with a focus on Amazon Web Services EKS, Google GKE and Azure AKS and ARO.

The DevOps engineer does that with a DevOps mindset, bridging together the needs of traditional development and operations teams in a sympathetic, collaborative way.

The DevOps Platform Engineer will provide technical support to development teams, as well as to operations team and any other function (like separate QA or Security teams) wherever the transition to a DevOps model is not completed. The DevOps Platform Engineer works closely with the Technical Architect and the DevOps Lifecycle Engineers, following the guidelines defined and architecture best practices.

As a member of the Architecture Team, the DevOps Platform Engineer will work in a collaborative environment where sharing skills and expertise is part of its DNA. Continuous learning is encouraged (and needed!) through our extensive training program, including classroom courses, online courses from well-known platforms, and certifications. The Architecture Team is also a strong supporter of communities, and hence the DevOps Platform Engineer will have the opportunity to give back by participating in meetups, workshops, hackathons and different local and international events, working together with communities of enthusiasts, and experts worldwide. To sum up, the DevOps Lifecycle Engineer will share her knowledge and receive more knowledge in exchange.

Main skills:

These are the main skills that a DevOps Platform Engineer should demonstrate and exercise on a daily basis (not all of them are required):
  • Experience working with Agile methodologies such as Scrum or Kanban, and with a DevOps mindset.

  • Experience with full-stack enterprise scalable solutions, including life-cycle automation.

  • Experience with cloud infrastructure and platforms.

  • Experience with container-based platforms, including installation, configuration and operations at scale.

  • Strong presentation skills, mostly interacting with technical people, adapting the complexity of the vocabulary as required by the audience.

  • Passionate to be part of team, exchanging knowledge and expertise both internally and externally.
  • Detailed skill list:

    For each skill category, exemplar technologies, tools or platforms are provided as guidance. Although not all of them are required, breadth and depth of skills are expected, and will be valued, for a DevOps Platform Engineer role:
  • Technology Ecosystems: Java (JVM), JavaScript (Node.js/V8), Python, Web, Mobile (hybrid and native), Data, Integration.

  • Development Tools: Git, IDEs (any), Apache Maven, Gulp, Webpack, Parcel, npm, JUnit, Mocha, Selenium, Protractor, Appium, Cucumber, Jasmine, SonarQube, FindBugs/SpotBugs, ESLint, etc.

  • Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery: Jenkins, Azure DevOps, TeamCity, Bamboo, Spinnaker, etc.

  • Lifecycle management: Jira, Confluence, GitLab, GitHub, etc.

  • Monitoring: ElasticSearch, Logstash, Kibana, Grafana, Prometheus, Nagios, Sensu, etc.

  • Application Infrastructure: Nginx, Apache HTTPD, Apache Tomcat, Apache Karaf, etc.

  • Data stores and messaging: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, SQLite, Apache Kafka, Cassandra, Hadoop, etc.

  • Containers: Docker, Kubernetes, Istio, JenkinsX, OpenShift, Cloud Foundry, etc.

  • Cloud Infrastructure: VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, etc.

  • Cloud managed services: AWS EKS, ECS and Fargate, Google GKE, Azure AKS and ARO, etc.
  • Please also note that Accenture is an equal opportunities employer and welcomes applications from all sections of society and does not discriminate on grounds of race, religion or belief, ethnic or national origin, disability, age, citizenship, marital, domestic or civil partnership status, sexual orientation, or gender identity.
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    Plazo: 08-11-2023

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